Eudon Armstrong
Joy Lou BAILEY Payne
Ralph Bishop
Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM Matlack
W. L. Cunningham
Beatrice ANGEL
Bernard Eldon
Julia DOUB Chappell
Lois TIDWELL Davis
Marion GOLD Gold
John Roscoe Harris
Charles Eugene Hatcher
Laurene HENDERSON Worth
Clarence Kidder
Doreen KING Cook
Wilbur Kirchman
Scott Lee
Annette MAPLES Hunter
Joe Murphy
James Orser
Blanch SHORT Coppersmith
Connie SMITH Sheffield
Letha STACY Rice
Fred Strickland
James Wadell
James Williams
Elizabeth WILLIAMS
Quinon Walker, Francis Prevatt, Ruth Ratley, Margaret Wood
In front of Belle Glade High - 1942
Elizabeth "Punk" Kinney, Billy Hill, Inez Haven, George Wedgeworth, Agnes Robertson
in BGHS schoolyard - 1942
Agnes ROBERTSON Kneeland, Inez HAVEN Baer,
Eilizabeth "Punk" KINNEY James in the schoolyard - 1942
This is a photo of the 1941 South Bay 9th Grade Graduating Class. They became part of the very first class at Belle Glade High School.
Back Row: Nina Kelly, Marguerite Wood, Evelyn Corbett, Thelma Aly, ? ?, Mary Grace Denton, ? ?, Elizabeth (Punk) Kinney, Tammy ?, ? ?, Willie frank Martin, Kenneth Keene.
Front Row: Agnes Robertson, Ruby Hansen, Quinon Walker, Inez Haven, Helen Ratley, Leo Haymens, Billy Peacock, Evelyn Lee, Clifford Allen.

The following photos were sent to me by Agnes ROBERTSON Kneeland.